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Tig Torch Sizes

Finding which TIG torch size works best for you may have to be the result of trial and experience. You’ll have to find what size feels the best to you while you’re actually welding on the job.

The smaller and light Tig torch size usually feels more nimble to most welders and tend to be less of a strain over time to your arm and hand muscles. The smaller sized Tig torches can weight less than 3 oz and can even come close to 2 oz.

The larger size TIG torches may feel more substantial in your hand and could give you a better sense of control while welding. You’ll have to deal with the higher weight though as some of the bigger sizes weight over 7 oz and can end up putting a decent strain on your hand over the length of a welding job.

Again, Sometimes the size of a TIG Torch is a personal preference that you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Our suggestion is to try out every possible piece of equipment that you can and find what works best for you.